Smartphone-Einschub kann Coronaviren nachweisen


Ganz aktuell, leider auf englisch:

Es ist ein Skandal, dass die Produktion dieses Geräts noch nicht in Großserie übernommen wird. Statt dessen sind wieder die üblichen Lobbyfirmen beauftragt, die einen extremen Profit aus dem Gesundheitssystem heraussaugen werden.Siehe hier:


Portable lab can diagnose coronavirus on the go

Source: Joseph Fuqua II/UC Creative ServicesSiobhan Treac

Professor Chong Ahn and other researchers from the University of Cincinnati have created a tiny, portable lab that can diagnose infectious diseases like malaria, including coronavirus.
The lab is the size of a credit card and plugs into a smartphone. It connects automatically to a doctor’s office through a custom app.


The device is accurate, simple to use and inexpensive. It could be used for smart point of care testing for chronic and infectious diseases of all kinds. It can even measure stress hormones for anxiety and depression.

To diagnose an illness, the patient puts the chip in their mouth for a few seconds and then plugs that chip into the slot on the device to test the saliva. The device automatically transmits results to the patient’s doctor through an app with near-instant results.

The novel lab chip uses natural capillary action, which has a tendency for liquid to adhere to a surface.
A sample is drawn down two channels in a microchannel capillary flow assay. One channel mixes the sample with freeze-dried detection antibodies. The second channel contains freeze-dried luminescent material that reads the results when the saliva sample combines again on three sensors.

A paper on this device was published in Microsystems and Nanoengineering.

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